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Full Body Relaxation

60 minutes - $60  |  90 minutes - $90  |  120 minutes - $120

Calm body, mind & spirit as the therapist uses slow & rhythmic strokes. Gentle to intermediate pressure is used to release stiffness & fatigue from your body while improving circulation. The cares of the world will melt away!


Deep Tissue Massage

60 minutes - $65  |  90 minutes - $95  |  120 minutes - $130

Utilizing a wide range of techniques, this massage targets your tension areas to release deep rooted soreness & helps restore range of motion. Pressure is used according to the your comfort level.

Signature Massage

75 minutes - $70  |  90 minutes - $90 

This full body treatment is the most requested & a client favorite. The Signature Massage has the foundation of the Full Body Relaxation massage with extra time spent in tension areas to release deep rooted soreness. Relax & realign tissue fibers. You get the best of both worlds! 

Face, Shoulders & Back

30 minutes - $35 | 60 minutes - $60

If you need a "Pick Me Up," this massage will take away the stress from your day. Relieves tension found in the face, shoulders & back using Swedish Relaxation strokes. Who doesn't need this in life?

Focused Pain Relief

30 minutes - $35  |  60 Minutes - $60

Having pain in one area of the body? This massage utilizes Neuromuscular Therapy to alleviate pain, restore range of motion & bring the body back into symmetry. You remain fully clothed.

Lymphatic Massage

60 minutes - $55

A soothing massage that stimulates the lymphatic system with very light strokes. Helps reduce swollen tissues, supports the body's immune system, helps the body heal from surgery & aids in the body's natural waste removal and absorption of nutrients. Excellent choice if you are detoxifying your body, or if you are having a difficult time getting over a cold. Clients like to receive a lymphatic massage with each change of the season for body maintenance.


Prenatal Massage

30 minutes - $35  |  60 minutes - $60

This massage is tailored to meet the needs of the expecting mother by a trained & Certified Pregnancy Massage Therapist. Relieves discomfort & calms the nervous system for stress reduction. We are also able to reduce sciatic pain, round ligament pain, low back pain, pelvis pain, rib constriction & calf cramps among other common issues. For clients in second & third trimesters.

Oncology Massage

30 minutes - $35  |  60 minutes - $60

Whether you have been recently diagnosed or on your way to recovery, this massage is perfect for you. Special modifications are made to treatment for maximum comfort & care by a trained Oncology Massage Therapist. 

Craniosacral Therapy

60 minutes - $65  |  90 minutes - $95

This treatment provides the ultimate relaxation. Light touch is used to assist cranial bones, spinal column & sacrum back into the correct cranial rhythm which allows cerebral-spinal fluid to freely flow. Although very light pressure is used, this is the deepest tissue treatment. You remain fully clothed.